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» » Attention, there are Florentine and Florentine!

Despite its appearance of a small pancake, the traditional Florentine is not a dry cake: indeed, it does not contain wheat flour or any other cereal! The secret of this crunchy delicacy? Nougatine, a classic whose production requires the technical know-how of master confectioners. Made with honey and cream with added almonds and candied oranges, this preparation must be heated to 118°C, which allows it to brown very slightly when boiling without browning.

The Florentine does not contain eggs or oil either, which makes it a very digestible gluten-free product, suitable for intolerant people. At Maison de Florentins, we scrupulously monitor the quality of all our ingredients: honey, fresh half-salted Breton butter, Belgian chocolate, currants, almonds from Andalusia, oranges from Campania, but no preservatives. , no coloring, no GMOs, no palm oil... Nothing should change the taste of these exceptional products for our gourmets!

The ingredients of the Florentine are rare, more expensive and much more sought after than those of an almond biscuit. Thus, the nougatine costs up to 30% more expensive than a cookie dough made from flour. Honey, a precious ingredient, and fresh cream, delicate and fragile, complete the recipe.

The traditional Florentine biscuit is therefore a luxurious product, which guarantees you a quality tasting thanks to authentic, good and healthy ingredients!