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The story of our artisanal Florentine biscuit factory

Discover the history of our artisanal Florentine biscuit factory, an adventure that began in the Renaissance and continues thanks to the know-how of exceptional chocolate artisans. Order our Florentine biscuits online and do not hesitate to contact our artisanal biscuit factory for more information.

The origins of the Florentines

We are at the very beginning of the Renaissance… Native of Nantes, Anne de Bretagne has just married the King of France Louis XII. Passionate about art, she received the house of Medici in Florence. To honor her guests, she asks her cook to invent new culinary pleasures.

Having worked in Italy, he lovingly combines chocolate and butter, orange zest and almonds to create subtle chocolate palets.

This is how, according to legend, the Florentines were born. La Maison de Florentins is proud to bring them back to life today, near Nantes, in all their tasty originality.

The origins of the Florentines

The story of Maison de Florentins

55 years ago, in the heart of Brittany, Michel Chatillon, artisan chocolatier, appropriated the recipe to create a range of original Florentines. Cooked in a copper saucepan, dressed with a wooden spoon, then manually coated with chocolate on one side, his biscuits were quickly recognized for their quality and delicacy.

This is how they obtained numerous awards, including the "European Gold Laurels" in 1994.

This manufacturing secret must not fall into oblivion.

At the end of 2020, when Michel Chatillon retired, Yann Ducarouge, passionate about taste and innovation, acquired "the Florentine activity" to relaunch this gourmet tradition within the framework of a company located in La Chapelle-sur - Erder. It's up to you to write the rest of the story of our artisanal Florentine biscuit factory.

Find out more about the artisanal production of our Florentines and discover the values ​​of our biscuit factory, Maison de Florentins.

The story of Maison de Florentins